Designing Your Own, Customized Birth Announcement Cards

  • Creating your own and customized birth announcement cards made easier with free templates online.
  • Infoparrot offers several birth announcement templates
  • A few tips in making birth announcements cards.

Revealing to the whole world or community that you’re having a new baby or your first child is one of the best pleasures of being a soon-to-be parent. Announcing it to the people close to your heart simply means that you want to share your joy with them. Most of the parents today are so hands-on that they even want to spread the good news via birth announcements cards because, in this way, people will not only hear their excitement, but they will also feel it through birth announcement cards. This article is for those people who are not into arts, styling, and designing.


Designing your own and customized birth announcement cards

Basically, everything starts with a good card idea and design. If you have been making birth announcement cards in the past, you know that it is very important that you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop or other post processing software. However, if you’re not acquainted with this kind of software, you can use the cutest deals for birth announcement templates in PS at Infoparrot’s website. Using these free template designs will not only help you save time, it will also help you speed up the whole preparation process.

To get the most appropriate template design, size, resolution, and styles, you can download a free birth announcement template design from Infoparrot, a photography related website that offers hundreds and thousands of free and paid templates, product reviews and more.

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to make a birth announcement cards:

Once you’re done familiarizing the free templates, you can use it as a guide in making your own, customized birth announcement cards so that in the next coming years, when you have a new baby, you can immediately create a birth announcement cards.

Ready for take-off! Photographer captures hilarious snaps of ‘flying’ dogs in mid-air

Their fur flying and their paws stretching out behind them, these clever photos appear to show pet dogs posing in mid-air.
German photographer Julia Christe captured the mid-leap snaps, which include a range of breeds, among them huskies and Chinese Crested Dogs.
To create the shots, the dogs were dropped onto a mattress by their off-camera owners from a low height, with extra drama created via the use of a wind machine.
The project came around after Ms Christe, from Tettnang in Germany, decided she wanted to portray her favourite animal from an new perspective.

Allie, Joe, Rileigh, Angel and Gunner

I had such a fantastic session a few days ago with Allie, Joe, Rileigh, Angel and Gunner. Rileigh, Angel and Gunner were SO well behaved and loved the camera. I honestly think Gunner has secret aspirations of being a model.

One of Allie and Joe’s goals for this session was to get an image to use for Christmas cards. I am so excited to see which one they choose!

Holiday Mini Sessions

Last weekend was spent meeting a whole bunch of new pups for our holiday mini sessions. We had such a great time! Here are a few of our favorite shots from the weekend!


Earlier this week I hooked up with Laura, the vice president of StubbyDog to take some photos for a marketing campaign they’re working on. Bruschi, Paisley and Darla were kind enough to be our dog models for the shoot. They LOVED Laura and Bruschi kept sneaking in kisses every chance he got. 😛