Quadcopters of the Present and the Future

  • Quadcopter drones nowadays are a lot easier to control and much more efficient than previous drones
  • Footages of quadcopter drones become even better looking when edited
  • The future of drones

Quadcopter drones are keep getting better and better with every version that hits the market. Some can be controlled through a smart phone or tablet, while some others through controllers and smartphone that will act as a screen.


With the right settings, battery span, and knowledge about the device it is now possible to take videos and photos like a pro. Unlike previous models of Quadcopter drones, the latest versions of Quadcopters are now more accessible and less expensive.

Quadcopters nowadays can be purchased online at a much lower price but with better features and sturdier materials, making it easier to take stable footages. Whether you fly your quadcopter 15 or 30 feet of the ground, provided that is made with the right materials from a reliable brand, it should be able to provide useful footages that will look even better and more sophisticated when it hits the video editing software such as  Final Cut, or Adobe’s Premiere Pro.

Some quadcopters that can be controlled through mobile phones tend to be easier to control as it allows the take off and monitoring of the drone’s location to be controlled in a single device. There are a lot of ways to fly drones, and each model has a different unique feature that each pilot must explore.

As of yet, quadcopter drones have reached a point where it can now be flown by amateurs and still be able to deliver excellent quality of footages. If there’s anything that the future promises for future drone pilots, it is that drones that will be developed years from now are expected to be packed with even better features, HD Cameras, and an interface that will make it easier for everyone to control the device.


Lightroom And Portraits

  • Intro about Lightroom
  • Why Lightroom is great for portraits
  • Where to get presets

In the realm of photo post processing software, there is one name that stands above all. That name is Adobe Lightroom. This software is considered by most as the best photo processing software in the market today. Compared to Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom is more geared towards photographs because of its non-destructive nature of editing. It leans more on editing and retouching purposes. It also has a great archiving feature which can be very useful for people with a lot of photos saved in their computer. Aside from those features, Lightroom is also very ideal because of the preset function.


Lightroom presets for portraits make it possible for the user to edit/retouch digital portraits easily. Since these presets are designed to make portrait photos look perfect and lively. Most lightroom presets for portraits enhance the color, contrast and lighting. These presets are also ideal for removing blemishes, pimples and any other “imperfections” in the subject’s face or background. Aside from that, these presets also make the subject’s skin smoother. As you can see, these presets are mostly useful especially for professional photographers because of the efficiency it provides. You do not have to manually edit a photo to make it perfect. You can just do a batch edit and apply the preset to the batch of photos and it will automatically apply the effect of the preset to all the photos included in the batch. That practically cuts the working time by more than half which will translate into more profit since the more photo you process, the more income you get.

Now that you have seen the light, the next question to answer is where can you get the best presets for portraits. The answer is no other than Sleeklens.com. This website provides professionally made presets made by certified professionals and experts of their field. That is the guarantee that Sleeklens.com provides. So go download it now!

Wedding Photography: Working with the Groom

  • Most people think that wedding photographers are more focused on the bride.
  • Every small wedding detail has to be perfect.
  • Men don’t like the idea of posing in front of the camera.

Most people think that wedding photographers are more focused on the bride. Well, partly true, but basically, it depends on the agreement made between the photographer and the couple. Usually, the groom-to-be would suggest or request that all the shots will be about the bride since it’s one of the best days of her life.

Every small wedding detail has to be perfect, the bride should look stunning, happy and in love. Of course, the bride should get more admiration and attention from the guests. But unfortunately, we forgot that the wedding itself is about the couple, the bride, and the groom. In this article, we will talk about a rare topic that could somehow make us understand the side of the groom.


If you’re a guy, you would understand the fact that you don’t want to get admiration from others, you don’t want to be in the limelight or in front of a camera, in short, most guys are not camera friendly and they are not comfortable with so much attention. However, a guy should also understand that weddings are once in a lifetime event, he should participate in all wedding shots since it’s all about their love story. Because even if you use workflows like adobe Lightroom wedding presets download, the image will still be boring.

Even if you don’t like the idea of posing in front of the camera, you have to deal with it. I know the feeling of working with a groom since I have been in the wedding photography industry for years. It’s not easy forcing the groom to smile and all that necessary pose. So, when working with the groom, make sure to bring a lot of patience with you.

That List in Lightroom Fanatic for Fanatics

  • Over 100 presets for your landscape photos
  • Become a world class photographer using Lightroom Fanatic’s list of presets and brushes
  • Creating various effects with Lightroom’s presets

If you’re serious about making a name for yourself in the photography world, you might want to consider Lightroom Fanatic as your photo-editing partner.

Lightroom Fanatic’s list of presets and brushes are just the right solutions for the enhancement of your photos. You need not train yourself anymore with the latest style or genre in photography, all you need to do is experiment with these the best action camera presets and you will eventually create your own style with the help of Lightroom.


Lightroom is designed for easy use and as a tool to bring out the beauty of your photograph. If you can check out its page online, you will see that with every situation, event, place or face, Lightroom has its corresponding preset or brush to it. Lightroom Fanatic’s list of landscape presets, for instance, has more than 100 presets to use, which makes it impossible for you not to create technically sophisticated effects out of it.

Lightroom Fanatic’s list includes presets that can recreate images found in those glossy fashion magazines, images in the vintage mode, landscapes that are so dreamy you wished you’d been there, or even portraits that highlight the whiteness of either your skin or teeth. All these are quite possible with Lightroom Fanatic.

So start clicking that mouse of yours and scour your favorite preset from Lightroom Fanatic’s list of solutions for your photos. Do some experiment with your photos, present them online with a touch of your unique personality. And you can only do that through Lightroom’s diversified presets and brushes.

Time to be serious about producing quality photos online and be the kind of photographer everyone loves. So why not start with Lightroom Fanatic’s list of cool presets? Who knows, this is just the tool for you to become an excellent photographer, just like these photographers you’re emulating.

What Everyone Must Know About HDR photography

  • HDR is a modern way of adding a more dynamic range of light to images.
  • Photographers have been using HDR for years.
  • Smartphone applications and cameras contains built-in HDR settings.

What is HDR Imaging?

As explained and defined by Wikipedia, HDR is a “technique used in imaging and photography to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than is possible with standard digital imaging or photographic techniques. The aim is to present the human eye with a similar range of luminance as that which, through the visual system, is familiar in everyday life.”

HDR as its name denotes, is a modern way of adding a more dynamic range or ratio of light to images. In today’s modern technology, wherein smartphone applications and cameras contains built-in HDR settings. For example, when taking pictures using HDR in iPhone 6s, instead of taking one photo, HDR captures two or three different photos with different light and color exposures.


In digital imaging, photographers use post processing tool like photoshop to create, modify and record HDR actions photoshop and apply to one or more images.

When is the right time to use HDR?

Photographers have been using HDR for years now, however, some of them still don’t know where and when to use HDR. That’s why in this article, we will discuss things related to using HDR settings.

Poor Lighting on Background

If you have poor or dark background, which often happens on a close door environment, HDR can help you brighten up your image and subject without compromising the quality and other settings of your image.

Landscape Atmosphere

Landscape scenes like open fields, oceans, and mountains have a lot of issues between light rays of the sun and land fair color tone. This is very challenging for your camera even if it’s in automatic mode. With HDR capabilities, you can have a well-lit sky without darkening the land surface and the main subject.

Too Much Sunlight

We all know the significance of light to take a good shot, but too much lighting (natural light: sunlight), will have a bad effect on the image. Using HDR at this time of the day can help you balance out the light, thus focusing more on the quality of color of the subject.

Adobe Lightroom 6.3 Updates

  • Users were having second thoughts about the credibility of Adobe to create more reliable programs.
  • Adobe has also added new editing features to the newly updated version.
  • As of today, the software is running smoothly, fast and reliable.

Adobe Lightroom users have all the reason to rejoice and celebrate. With the stability of Lightroom CC 2015.3 and Lightroom 6.3, users can now have a smooth sailing editing process. Adobe has managed to fix major bugs, bringing back the old and most used features; import dialog box.


Adobe has also added new editing features to the newly updated version. This includes new camera and lens profiles for Sony, Canon, Fuji and Leica camera brands. Bug fixes were also prioritized making the program more stable, fast, and consistent. Moreover, users can enjoy numerous third-party Lightroom plug-ins, and panorama effects.  For more tips, updates and Lightroom tutorials, click here.

Though the previous version was a huge fail and users were backing out and switched to other post processing tools, Adobe stands still and did everything they can to resolve the issue to get back on track and make photographers life happy.

After Lightroom 6.2 was released, users were having second thoughts about the credibility of Adobe to create more reliable programs. But the good thing here is Adobe embraced all the negative feedbacks. They even apologized for their mistake, fixed all the bugs and brought back the old import dialog. It took months before they resolved the issues and release Lightroom 6.3 and Lightroom CC 2015.3.

As of today, the software is running smoothly, fast and reliable. So, here are the list of the bugs that have been fixed and removed:

  • Fixed an issue related to saving third party Lightroom presets free in the Develop module.
  • Fixed several issues related to HDR and Panorama merging options.
  • Fixed an editing feature that rotates images correctly even if in full screen option.
  • Fixed bugs that leads to crashing of image.
  • Fixed bugs related to graduated and radial filters in the Develop Module.
  • Fixed bug issues that caused the Lightroom interface to stop.


How To Use Portrait Presets?

  • The most favorable thing about Lightroom is its ability to create and apply presets.
  • Using presets can speed up the whole editing process.
  • Presets were developed and designed to help photographers.

Do you know that these free Lightroom presets for portraits were built and designed for professional photographers? Adobe decided to develop a feature that will help them speed up their editing workload.

Basically, Adobe Lightroom is known for being one of the most powerful post-processing tools for handling massive numbers of images. In addition, the most advantageous thing about Adobe Lightroom is its ability to create presets that can be applied to one or more images in just a few and simple clicks.

As a hobbyist photographer, I have personally developed a collection of Lightroom presets for portraits. In this way, I am not just giving myself more time to take pictures, I can also make wonderful and high-quality images by using my collections of presets. Presets, by the way, are comparable to those filtered images that we see on most photo editing sites.


You too can create your own set of Lightroom presets for portraits. Aside from the fact that it will help you save time and effort, presets can also help you process tons of images in a day, allowing you to do other important work related stuff.

How to install and use presets?

To install Lightroom presets, you have to open the program and go directly to the Develop Module. The next thing to do is to find “add preset” or (+) sign, then preferences to open a new window. Select the presets tab at the top portion of the interface and then you’ll see a show Lightroom folder option. Give the preset a name, then you can start creating a preset. Once you’re done, save the preset and you’re good to go. You can use and apply it to your raw images.

5 Trendy Photoshop Actions Collections from Sleeklens  

  • Sleeklens covers everything you need with photo editing and enhancing
  • Offering five trendy collections of Photoshop actions for your photos
  • Free quality Photoshop actions to try before purchasing it

You may have encountered companies that offer Photoshop (PS) actions for your pictures, but Ps Actions made by the Danish company Sleeklens stood out from all the rest. With its five Photoshop actions collections to offer, Sleeklens covers everything you need when it comes to photo editing and enhancing.

Sleeklens is so unique because it provides PS actions that suits your style and fancy, unlike other photo enhancing solutions where you are limited with what you can do with your photos.


  • Portrait Perfection Collection – Let’s start with one of its most popular collections, the “Portrait Perfection Collection”. In it, it has at least 56 Photoshop actions you can choose from. You can have the best possible effect with your portraits out of its varied and diversified collection, so you won’t have any problems at all when posting your favorite portraits online.
  • HDR Enhancements Collection – HDRs Effects work through HDR Workflow. This allows you to speed up the process of enhancing your photos without sacrificing its quality. If you are amazed at the bulk of its portrait collection, then HDR offers more with 86 Photoshop actions in its collection.
  • Free Photoshop Actions Bundle – Of course, there are free PS actions for you to use so you can enjoy the effects it can do to your photos without involving any costs. Try these cool PS actions before buying them. They are made with the same quality as with the other PS actions with a price.
  • Landscape Adventure Collection – It’s always challenging to edit or even enhance landscapes, but with these PS actions made by the Danish company Sleeklens, you will have the landscape of your dreams. You only need to choose from a list of PS actions that fits the kind of landscape you have in mind.
  • Hide and Seek Collections – If you’re trying to enhance the luminosity of your pictures, then this collection will offer PS actions for you. Hide and Seek is also perfect for those outdoor takes. So if you want to improve the radiance of your outdoor photo, Hide and Seek is the collection for it.

Sleeklens offers the best PS actions in town. Check out their cool collection online and choose which of these actions will work wonders with your photos. We remain true to our word that we will offer you products that works well “with you” and not “for you”. In that way, you will have that photo enhancement that is closer to your liking and to your heart.

Simple Steps When Using Photoshop Actions

  • Simple steps on how to use Photoshop actions for your photos
  • Book covers through the use of Photoshop actions
  • Enhancing you photo image with an interactive feel through Photoshop

If in case you have already downloaded that Photoshop Action into your computer, the question now would be how to use Photoshop actions on your photos.

The first thing you need to consider is to determine the kind of Action you need to use. Check the Actions window first then click the triangle arrow found beside the folder icon.

Other Photoshop Actions have steps for you to follow. This is labelled at times as “Create Template”. The first step usually opens a document for you (at the right size). And after adding an image or modifying the template, you can now begin the second step, which is called “render”. These actions or steps, however, are found on more complicated Photoshop Actions, and is usually used for book covers.

pe6But for those Photoshop actions that only apply filters, the steps we mentioned earlier may not at all apply. These are Photoshop actions that don’t create templates for you.

Another thing you need to consider is the flexibility of Photoshop actions in creating multiple variations as far as effect goes. Keep in mind that aside from these list of effects though, Photoshop actions create auxiliary actions as well, adding texture to the main action itself.

Now, if you’re editing an image through Photoshop, you need to ensure that it only has one layer. You do this so that your Photoshop action uses the right layer in the process. Better still, select the layers drop down menu then choose “Flatten Image”. Or, you can use “File>Save for Web”, only save it with jpg, then re-open it using “File>Open”. In that way, you can be sure that you’re only using one layer.

As soon as the image is opened, go directly to Action’s window and select the desired “action” you have in mind. Always remember that even if there are multiple variations as far as effect is concerned, you only need to choose one. Only then you can press the play icon found at the bottom of the Action’s window.

From there, you can now watch a variety of actions performed. If that Layer Style window pops up, just click “ok” without altering the settings. Once you’re done, you will have the final product in a minute, and then you are now ready to export your image.

This is just a simple technique on how to use Photoshop actions on your photos. You may find it challenging at first, but when you the hang of it, your photos will have the enhancement of a lifetime.

Designing Your Own, Customized Birth Announcement Cards

  • Creating your own and customized birth announcement cards made easier with free templates online.
  • Infoparrot offers several birth announcement templates
  • A few tips in making birth announcements cards.

Revealing to the whole world or community that you’re having a new baby or your first child is one of the best pleasures of being a soon-to-be parent. Announcing it to the people close to your heart simply means that you want to share your joy with them. Most of the parents today are so hands-on that they even want to spread the good news via birth announcements cards because, in this way, people will not only hear their excitement, but they will also feel it through birth announcement cards. This article is for those people who are not into arts, styling, and designing.


Designing your own and customized birth announcement cards

Basically, everything starts with a good card idea and design. If you have been making birth announcement cards in the past, you know that it is very important that you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop or other post processing software. However, if you’re not acquainted with this kind of software, you can use the cutest deals for birth announcement templates in PS at Infoparrot’s website. Using these free template designs will not only help you save time, it will also help you speed up the whole preparation process.

To get the most appropriate template design, size, resolution, and styles, you can download a free birth announcement template design from Infoparrot, a photography related website that offers hundreds and thousands of free and paid templates, product reviews and more.

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to make a birth announcement cards:

Once you’re done familiarizing the free templates, you can use it as a guide in making your own, customized birth announcement cards so that in the next coming years, when you have a new baby, you can immediately create a birth announcement cards.